Introductory Workshop

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Reading List:

Approach and languageAmbrose, Gavin, Aono-Billson, Nigel c2011 (electronic book)

Bubbles, Lines, and String: How Information Visualization Shapes SocietyHall, Peter

Information graphicsRendgen, Sandra, Wiedemann, Julius 2011

Visualize this: the FlowingData guide to design, visualization, and statisticsYau, Nathan, MyiLibrary c2011 (electronic book)

Resonate: present visual stories that transform audiencesDuarte, Nancy 2010 (electronic book)


Qualitative: “Research that deals with the quality, type, or components of a group. Qualitative research is exploratory in nature and uses procedures such as in-depth interviews and focus group interviews to gain insights and develop creative responses.”

Quantitative: “Research that deals with the quantities of things and that involves the measurement of quantity or amount. Quantitative research allows actual numbers and physical dimensions to be applied to a group in order to accurately measure market situations.”

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  1. like the way you’ve linked key resources to your blog – how much have you used these resources? have they helped your understanding and process?

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