Gathering and Visualising Data Workshop

Topic: University Life

In my group we had to pin-point a specific set of data, using the internet, and create a visualisation of it. Initially we came up with the following options;

- Exam results

- Drop-outs

- Social activities

- Halls of Residence

- International Students vs UK

- Course Applications

- Eating Habits

- Alcohol Consumption

- Sleeping Patterns

We picked the latter and collected primary data from our classmates looking into sleeping patterns and the average hours slept in one night. We created categories made up of hours, 0-2, 3-5, 6-8,9-12 and 12+ and asked a total of 65 students.

Our results are as follows;

0-2 hours: 0

3-5 hours: 14

6-8 hours: 45

9-12 hours: 5

12+ hours: 1

With our recently purchased “Data Visualisation Kit” made up of cotton balls and googly eyes and small wooden sticks, we processed our data turning figures into percentages and using cotton balls to represent 1% of data. We created sheep using these cotton balls to show the percentages of data;

0-2 hours: 0%

3-5 hours: 21%

6-8 hours: 70%

9-12 hours: 7%

12+ hours: 1%


This was our final outcome:



I enjoyed working in a group, it enabled us to come up with an idea quickly and efficiently by sharing and expanding everyone’s individual ideas. Once we had bought our materials we each carried out a specific process of development to complete and photograph our graphic successfully.

At the end of the workshop we uploaded our final outcomes to Flickr and went through them as a class, this was what i found most interesting. Seeing how other groups had interpreted their topic and created a graphic was exciting, creative minds were buzzing.

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  1. remember tags – how was working in a group for you? Good process and gathering of primary data – cotton balls representing each student was a nice idea.

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