Who & How? Stephen Malinowski

•Stephen Malinowski; Music Animation Machine
American composer, pianist, educator, software engineer and inventor. He is most well known for his computer programme, “Music Animation Machine”. Uses a system of coloured horizontal lines to visualise the music.
musicAnimationMachine_Music AnimationMachine_Stephen Malinowski


I could change the length of the shapes depending on the type of note played, whether it is short, or held down for a long period of time. I like Stephen’s work, it seems like such a simple but effective idea. It is fairly similar to Sofia Fotaki’s idea of replacing notes with shapes however incorporates a kinetic element, transforming it into a visual animation. I would like to try this out in my development, creating a 2D version of the music and adding movement to it to represent the mood of the song.

The link below displays perfectly the capablities of such a software;


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