Reflection and Response to Feedback

I think my presentation went well, I feel like I communicated my idea across concisely and highlighted the areas I wish to look into further. The feedback clarified this but also informed me that I must look deeper and create a more in-depth discussion, almost a debate, within the development of my work. I must research into the nitty-gritty to reach the best of my potential.

Although the work I have produced so far is satisfactory there is more room for research, now I must go deeper and pick apart the data according to context and create a story for this piece of music.

With every topic discussed I need to increase my critical debate and also refer back to “Bubbles, Lines and String”.

Action Plan:

- Add Tags (PPDP)

- Edit posts (‘Extensive analysis, discussion and reflection on contextual issues – in depth knowledge”)

- Further research; captions, names/dates, quotes and references. Look specifically for articles on this topic

- George Crumb – My own interpretation using Mike Oldfield’s sheet music

- Linear Deconstruction A3 Experimental Development Poster; why/how/what?

- Increase my critical thinking;


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