Curated By; Max Whitby

Max Whitby was another designer featuring in the Curated By conference. He discussed his methods and touched on different projects he had been involved in;

- Biophilia – Corresponding app to Bjork’s “Biophilia” album

- Book App – Elements

- Liszt Sonata in B Minor App

I looked into the first one because I was curious to how it had been pulled off and the reason why. I found an interview on BBC’s “Click” with Max discussing the “revolutionary apps for Björk’s Biophilia”.




Biophilia Constellations App for Iphone/Ipad

In partnership with Max, Bjork released a corresponding app in conjunction to her album release. Each track has its own sub-app. By tilting the device you can further explore the app, creating a ‘new kind of interaction” and a whole new form of “dialogue between creator and consumer”.

Not only does it allow the music to be explored in more depth, it also brings back the idea of concept albums with beautifully colourful and shiny cover sheets and inside leaflets but in a modern day format. Max describes it as a “flowing annotation” alongside the tracks on the album.

This is inspiring; I’ve always liked the idea of creating my own ‘visual equaliser’ that they have on Itunes and Windows Media Player, to hear of a whole app designed in conjunction with an album is revolutionary. In my opinion, being able to see the music allows the viewer to recreate the depth of the song that the composer first initiated.

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