Graphic Scores in Music

My idea is developing and I feel that when exploring how to visualise music it would be a shame to concentrate on just one specific song. My idea is to take a sample of each song on the Tubular Bells album and create a printed book visualising the album in a completely different format using alternate forms of notation.

lively graphic scores


This experiment stemmed from the article above. It celebrates lively and alternative forms of notation. With the sheet music below I drew over the top in different colours in order to display how the music sounded. Similar to what is shown above; The extended orange lines portray the gentle introduction of the song, then onto the sharp dashes expressing the note played quicker than before. In this section alone there is a Piano 1, Piano 2, Singing, Oragn, Drums, Bass Guitar and of course Mike Oldfield.



Lively Graphic Notation Exp



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