Reinventing Guitar Tabs: Bars 1-5 “Dark Star”

Second Visual; For the second song of the album, “Dark Star”, the main instrument being played is the Guitar. After looking at the original tabs for this piece of music, my aim was to reinvent the tabs in an understandable way. First i tried changing the form, from straight lines resembling the guitar itself to something completely different – a circle. Why can’t guitar tabs be circular?

Below is a sample of the first bars of the song;

Dark Star Tabs

As you can see, it is fairly basic – Notes down one side and frets numbered in the middle of the bars. HOWEVER, lets switch it up a little bit. Arrange the notes in a circular format and create a ripple of frets from the middle outwards and this is what you get;

fretsandnotes Dark Star


The more I investigate into sheet music the more I feel the uncontrollable urge to add colour. Why does everything that should be clear and understood be in black and white? Surely it can be interpreted just as well in colour, if not better!

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