Sheffield Archives

I visited the Sheffield Archives in the hope of uncovering hidden stories within Broomhall. I didn’t really have any idea where to start when I got there, so I started with what I knew, Broomhall Place. I looked in the trade directories for 1889 onwards. Through research I had found out that Victoria Road had …


My Manifesto

My aim is to show the transition from hand-drawn graphics to digital publications as Graphic Design has progressed through history. I value the world around me, past, present and future, and as a designer merely commenting on social change and technological development I feel like that this has a very vital role in Graphic Design. …


Weston Park Museum (19.02.2014)




I went to Weston Park Museum to take a look round the “Sheffield Life and Times” exhibition in an attempt to begin unpicking Sheffield’s history and begin tackling my brief.


It seemed appropriate to visit the museums in and around Sheffield, as it gives me a first hand insight into the history of the area. It successfully supplied me with relevant primary research, helpful insights into what Sheffield has seen, as well a fun, educational day out!

With regards to both the project briefs, different exhibitions linked into different modules. For example, the exhibition displayed above was perfect for my Creative Responses brief as I am looking into the History of Sheffield with the hope of honing in on one specific area and tell a story with it. It also ties in quite well with the Interdisciplinary module in that the museum covers Sheffield working industry and the history behind the infamous name of “Steel City”.







The image below caught my attention as I feel it highlights the change from Neolithic times all the way up to the modern day. It shows different objects that had been discovered in the ground in and around Sheffield – each object containing its own story. This seemed relevant to the module Interdisciplinary Practice as I am basing my project on technology and how society has moulded itself around technology the more it advances through time. The image below directly shows the transition.






The photo’s above are a selection of images captured when walking around the museum.


Satirical Comedies/Films

After speaking with my tutor about my chosen area of study, I was advised to watch an episode of Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror” and Spike Jonze’s “Her”. Both of which touch upon the impact and influence technology can have upon different groups of people. “Black Mirror – Season 1, Epsiode 1 Within the first quarter, …


The next steps…

I have applied for a library card in the hope to look in the Local Studies Library and the Sheffield Archives to uncover some hidden perspectives and questions that can feed my development process. I have got hold of a resource list for Broomhall including newspaper articles, photographs, housing, cencus returns, maps, properties and buildings …


My Brief: Development

What? – Subject Matter /Theme /Project Overview/ Design Problem / Creative Opportunity History/Place/Unpicking the history of a specific location 34 Broomhall Place, Sheffield – My House To make a start I looked on the internet for old ordinance survey maps of Sheffield and came across this beauty;