1000 word rationale;

My project discusses the relationship between VW Camper-vans and the Hippie Era of the 1960′s focusing on the incredible fanbase and legacy that the vehicle has left. my chosen theme would therefore be “Community” looked a through history, sociology and cultural studies. The VW camper-van holds stacks of cultural significance having been made a symbol for music, art, peace and equality as told in the many documentaries and books based on that era. The way in which this affected people has also been heavily documented within magazines and letters written by VW Bus enthusiasts which have been published over the years. And finally, its historical significance having first been produced in Germany, with its dark roots in the Nazi run Weimar Republic, to then expand and further blossom into America – leaving behind a solid legacy.

Using methods such as visual anthropology, I was able to review the cultural representation of this era shown through masses of art, film, literature and mass media.

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