Survey Results

  These survey results reiterate the way in which technology is beginning to determine how we live, work and communicate. Out of the 50 responses, it was clear that many people are aware of the downsides to technology and understand that over-dependance is risky business.

What are Pictograms? Why do we have them?

“A pictogram or pictograph is a symbol representing a concept, object, activity, place or event by illustration” Pictograms are still used commonly today, usually as signs or instructions. Due to their simplistic yet realistic style they are predominantly used in public places to indicate areas such as public toilets, museums, airports and train stations. However, …


Banksy’s Latest Street Art

Banksy is a world reknowned artist, political activist, film director and painter from Bristol. “His satiral street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti done in a distinctive stencilling technique”. It is said that the best pieces of art imitates life itself, and it is fair to say that our lives are increasingly …


Neo-Luddites – Extreme Perspective

What is a Neo-Luddite? Social change commonly triggers a reaction to that change. The term “Neo-Luddite” is a more modern version of the original “Luddite rebellions” that took place within the early 19th century during the changes that came about as a result of the Industrial Revolution. A “neo-luddite” describes a modern philosophy that “distrusts …