My Values; London

In the module induction we created a short slideshow displaying our journey through london, in preparation we had to bring in everything we had picked up on our travels. Above is a photo of everything there was to show. I say, what a marvellous collection!  

Curated By; Kate Moross

Truly Inspirational. I feel like Kate was explaining everything that I would dream about doing, hearing a young voice was nice and easy to relate to. All the more motivational knowing that she has managed to get where she is, and still loves doing it. “WE ARE NOT DEFINED” – Of course, why not try …


Curated By; Brendan Dawes

“MAKE WHAT YOU THINK IN ORDER TO EXPRESS IT” – Charles Holland “SHUT UP AND MAKE IT” – Brendan Dawes BRENDAN DAWES: – The computer as co-creator, celebrating the digital age. – GITHUB – download processing codes for processing – Data is raw material – Use music as data in processing, begin with a circle, …


Envisioning Information

Extracting information and presenting it visually: INFORMATION GRAPHICS

Keywords -

Mapping -is creating graphic representations of information using spacial relationships within the graphic to represent some relationships within the data.”

Charting - (definition to be found)

Generative Design – “describes a design method that is implemented in various design fields.”

Interactive Design – “designing interactive products to support the way people communicate and interact in their everyday and working lives.”

From Interaction design, 2nd edition, by Sharp, Rogers, and Preece, p8.




What topical areas am I most interested in focusing on?

I’ve always been interested in geography, history, current affairs, and keeping up-to date with what’s going on in the world. As a result, I’d like to make my infographic informative and effective.


What has interested me so far?

Below is a map of the world distorted in order to display specific statistics visually and enable you to compare them to the rest of the world. In this instance the figure below displays the amount of people affected by natural disasters each year. The countries that appear swollen are the ones who are most affected, the ones that appear thinner are obviously less affected. By looking at this map you can not only extract the given information but it also highlights a clear division in higher and lower economically developed countries. I like the fact that although it is just a map, you can take lots of different information from it and link it to others.

Affected by Disasters;

What do I want to know more about?

I would like to know more about how to present data in 3D form, looking into installations and effective ways of putting the data across.