Interdisciplinary Practice – Ukrainian Disneyland pt 4

I have begun work on my first leaflet which is the Ukraine one as I know most about this situation. To start with I began editing the map as I wasn’t fully satisfied the colour scheme and needed to add a key as well. The first thing I did was add a proper halftone effect to the lighter coloured layers I had in the map as I wanted a two-colour screenprint sort of look. It was fairly simple to do this using Photoshop as I already had the halftone’s as seperate layers so it was just a matter of using Image->Mode->Grayscale then Image->Mode->Bitmap and choosing the screen dots option. Doing it this way means you can choose the number of dots per inch so you have a lot of flexibility on how dotty the image becomes. I experimented with different levels to find one which suited each colour, I found having them two different levels added more to the image than if they were both the same. This is the first one I did:

map wiv dots


However I later decided the dots were too big in the blue colour so made them slightly smaller. After I had got a level of effect I was happy with I also offset these layers slightly to give a slightly mis-aligned screen print look. I also added a subtle texture to some of the block coloured areas just to give a worn/vintage look as I felt my drawing was a bit too clean looking. The final step was editing the colour which I decided would coincide with the colours of the Ukrainian flag which are blue and yellow, so I made the green a bit yellower, it’s still inbetween but I think it looks nicer and more interesting than the kind of obvious green colour of trees. I also added numbers and a key explaining the buildings.

map dots jpg

After this I got started on planning the opposite side of the leaflet which would feature information about the estate and also the conflict between protesters and the government with a timeline explaining the series of events. One idea I had for the timeline was to have it next to a molotov cocktail which was a symbol of the violence that occurred between protesters and police, this was also inspired by this article which included really nice photographs of them:

I was originally thinking about drawing one of these but as it’s just a beer bottle with a bit of rag I decided to make my own:



I then gave this the same halftone treatment to link with the rest of the leaflet’s visual style:

molotov colour 2 jpg

I originally did this with the opposite colours (yellow at top and blue at bottom) but then decided to swap it as the Ukraine flag is blue at the top. I really liked how this turned out, the halftone effect works a lot better on photographs because of the dramatic changes in shade when made grayscale. I was thinking of having this for the timeline but I really liked it as a visual image so I played about with some ideas of having it as the cover image of the leaflet:

cover 2 jpg

However I am not sure weather this is a bit too distasteful as a cover, and I had also been thinking before about having the covers as images of each respective leader, so I will experiment with these ideas further.


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