600 People: More Visual References

Microscopic Art of Jon Hopkins:

This is a video of how the artwork for Jon Hopkins music was created, using microscopes and time lapse cameras. I think this links to my work in showing something natural out of context in a really abstract but visually interesting way. I also really like how the colours have been changed, making the images lots of rainbow like gradients, here are some images from the video:

Screenshot (76)

Screenshot (78)

Screenshot (71)

Screenshot (72)

Screenshot (73)


Screenshot (74)


Screenshot (75)

Enter The Void – Title Sequence

This is the title sequence from Enter the Void, a film directed by Gaspar Noe. The title sequence includes almost all the information usually found in the credits of a film but right at the beginning, all shown in a very short time by typography that flashes on screen really quickly. Because of how sudden it begins and how full on this is, I think it really gives you a feeling that the film is going to be a bit of a wild ride. I think I will take this into my work and have it really explosive and full on right from the beginning, another point is that these titles get more elaborate and crazy towards the end which I think my work will do as well. I also like the influence from neon signs and advertisements found in Tokyo where the film is set. Here are some shots from the sequence:

Screenshot (79)Screenshot (80)Screenshot (82)Screenshot (84)Screenshot (85)Screenshot (86)Screenshot (87)Screenshot (88)Screenshot (89)Screenshot (90)Screenshot (91)Screenshot (92)Screenshot (96)Screenshot (97)Screenshot (98)Screenshot (100)Screenshot (101)Screenshot (103)Screenshot (104)Screenshot (105)Screenshot (106)Screenshot (107)Screenshot (108)Screenshot (109)Screenshot (110)Screenshot (111)Screenshot (112)Screenshot (113)Screenshot (114)Screenshot (115)Screenshot (116)Screenshot (117)Screenshot (118)Screenshot (119)


FITC Tokyo Title Sequence

Another piece of work influenced by the lights of Tokyo is this Title Sequence for the FITC in Tokyo from this year. It uses bright colours and glitch inspired imagery to manipulate the typography. Its influenced by a computer breaking but because its done so crisply and graphically the bright colours look very elegant and sophisticated. The huge amount of layers and computer inspired imagery are both things that I think I will take further in my work.

Screenshot (53)Screenshot (37)Screenshot (38)Screenshot (39)Screenshot (40)Screenshot (41)Screenshot (42)Screenshot (43)Screenshot (44)Screenshot (45)Screenshot (46)Screenshot (48)Screenshot (49)Screenshot (50)Screenshot (51)Screenshot (47)Screenshot (52)

Bitter Lake – Adam Curtis

Bitter Lake is Adam Curtis’ new documentary focuses on events in Afghanistan over the last 60 or so years, and argues how western news is no longer able to report true events. The film is made in Curtis’ signature style of montaging clips from archive footage and news reports to illustrate his arguments. With the use of long un-narrated scenes with brooding electronic music Curtis paints a dystopian picture of modern life. The dark vision and combination of indirectly related clips to create a new feeling especially when put with the narration is something that will definitely help my work.