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Tado Mascot Project

  For the subject of my mascot I chose Alex G a musician from Pennsylvania. Alex G – Harvey   These are examples of his current artwork and designs. From this I took the idea of a dog character. And the rough and don’t care attitude taken with the design work.       Also …


600 People: More Visual References

Microscopic Art of Jon Hopkins: This is a video of how the artwork for Jon Hopkins music was created, using microscopes and time lapse cameras. I think this links to my work in showing something natural out of context in a really abstract but visually interesting way. I also really like how the colours have …


D&AD VICE Rule Britannia

Background VICE is currently the largest global youth media company in the world, with an audience of around 130 million dedicated viewers, the number one YouTube channel and one of the highest levels of audience engagement. They produce everything from feature length films to short news pieces to full series on UK and USA national …


600 People – gif development 2

3. Stealth Bomber Keeping up with the theme of man made human imagery, I collected some photographs from google images featuring stealth bombers, space shuttles and nuclear warheads/bombs. To contrast the imagery of space hardware and military hardware, I wanted to include imagery that was empowering and also harrowing showing human technological advancement alongside it’s …


600 People – gif development

Following on from the last gif I made from micrographs I used the same system to make some more experiemnts using different imagery. 1. Ham and Bacon For this one, instead of getting images off google I scanned in bits of ham and bacon. I did this because it looks similar to the micropgraphs when …