Music & Infographics:

I have decided to base my Info graphics project around Music. I chose this subject because It is and has always been a major part in my life. Rather than just generalising music, I want to focus on playing an instrument and the effect that it has on your body…

I’ve been playing drums for over 6 years, therefore I have allot of knowledge about the instrument and what it involves. I have been in several bands/played with a wide range of musicians which has given me a good knowledge of other instruments/musicians. I would like to focus mainly on Drum’s, however I may also look into other instruments/options to collect my data.


I started my research by looking at Info Graphics in music. I had a general search around to see what I could find…

music 6

music 2

music 1

music 3

music 7

After a general search I noticed a trend:

Lots of Info Graphics on:

  • how music downloads have changed…
  • music development E.g. Festivals, haircuts, fashion… Etc.
  • how music effects the brain/ears
  • specific bands such as the Beatles, pink floyd… ect
  • large focus on guitars

Not so much on:

  • Drums in general
  • General Health effects from music/playing instruments
  • Comparing different instruments
  • movement/performance

I tried searching for Infographics relating to Instruments, as well as drum’s in-particular however I couldn’t find much at all. The only Infographics I could find relating to Drum’s were very simple.
For example: This Infographic shows a simple Drum kit layout, and explains what each part of the kit is called… basically a simple map for beginners:

drums 1

This example is exploring past drummers Drum kit preferences… comparing the depth/volume of the Drum kits each musician played:

drums 2

These examples are definitely useful, and very clear on what they are representing…

However Further detail into actually playing the instrument and the effects that it has on the body of the musician seem to have not yet been explored… for example:

  • What effects do playing drums have on the body of a musician?
  • How does playing an instrument compare to physical activities such as going to the gym?
  • Which instrument is the most physically demanding to play?

I could record my heart rate whilst playing drums and then compare it with other activities such as going to the gym or running. this would give great data as to how playing an instrument compares to physical activity’s. This could also open up doors for comparing other instruments, for example: Guitar Vs Drums etc…

Another possibility could be to track my movements whilst playing drums using either photography or motion trackers. I could then try and visualise the data in a 3D form using the 3D Max software…

As far as I can see, there has been very little InfoGraphics based around Drums/Drummers therefore I believe there is a gap in the market which gives me the opportunity to create something new and exciting!

I scanned in my notes to show my thought process…

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 13.54.50

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 13.38.20

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