New Module: Competitive Teamwork.

To be honest, my initial response to the brief was confusion. I didn’t really understand as to what extent we had to work as a team, as the 2 tasks within the brief made it feel like you could only collaborate with your team at the end, but after finding that the different disciplines would overlap, I think it’ll be quite important to work closely with them thoughtout.

I was really happy with my team, I found it slightly pointless that in the session we had to move around so much as we were happy to be in a team, but it was good to see what everyone else was interested in. My team is a good mix of disciplines and a mix of people I know and don’t but I think we’ll all work together well if we pull our weight. My role in in the task is to concentrate on the type. This makes me nervous as I’ve only ever done one brief that concentrated on type, and although I was happy with the outcome I’m still not confident with my abilities. I think as long as I try and explore a few options and concentrate on the details it will turn out well.

The cultural issue I’m currently interested in is the political struggle that’s currently happening in Ukraine. This was brewing for a while, but reached a peak in November, when the President backed out of signing trade deals with the EU and instead favouring ties with Russia, almost taking a step back in the countries strives for independence, Why should people suffer for democracy?

Even here in England, Ukrainians feel passionately about the issues over there and have their own newspaper and are using social media to show support and to try and make a change.

The teams going to come back together and discuss which of the cultural issues we want to concentrate on, as we’ve all picked one and will then discuss which we want to take forward to work on for the project.


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