Brand Identity Workshop.

Found this session really useful for the team, we’d got together the day before to try and discuss some key points, like finally deciding on a name, putting together some kind of logo and beginning to think about a style we could all stick to, to keep a constant theme.

After hearing a short presentation about the key points of having a brand and having guidelines for that brand we set off to talk in groups about a chosen band, and the key values that we’d researched previously. I had chosen Justin Timberlake, who’s brand on the surface was very corporate and his website is very slick, clean cut and to the point (as are his 3 other companies), whereas when he is in public, having an interview, or even on his twitter page, he’s very chatty, informal and seems very approachable, someone that you would want to hang out with. I also learnt that seemingly one of his values is to give to others, he’s involved in a few charities (ranging from giving money to physically helping), including starting his own when he was in the band N’sync, and was given an award for his humanitarian efforts.  I think his diversity as a musician and actor, and all of the other things he does, makes him really appeal to a wider audience.

We then sat down to think of the groups own values and tone of voice. We knew that our name was going to be pause (a play on words – pause and think about animal cruelty but obviously the connection of paws of animals), but were yet to decide on values, or rules of the brand.
Our values (what we stand for) : – to enlighten people, to fight against complacency, offer solution or alternatives to buy products tested on animals, make it more relatable.
Our personality (how do we act) : – composed, strong, sympathetic, cautious, diplomatic but with a touch of tongue in cheek humour.
Our tone of voice (what language do we use): – sensitive, calm/clear, composed, knowledgeable, strong.
The target audience (who are we targeting) : – everyone that wants to know, or people that specifically use animal products, and people that want to make a difference.
The basic design rules that we will stick to to keep our designs looking consistent will be using block colours of mainly red, black white/cream as we are going to use a Russian Constructivist style, as we think this will help the campaign have some visual impact, meaning we’ll keep all photography monochrome and any illustrations won’t be in a cartoony style or ‘cute’.

For touch points we decided we wanted to do posters, badges, surveys (to raise the awareness), t-shirts, but to also try and blend the signs into the surrounding environment, for example making signs that look like road signs, just for people to stop and look as it would be something different. We also wanted to do a team protest to get the message across and we think this will have quite a strong impact and will make people stop and listen and think that actually yes, we are serious about this and it is an issue. So part of that was to make placards for us to carry and that which could be used as posters or something or after so they aren’t just wasted.

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