Animal testing research – possible pro’s.

Looking into animal testing and thinking about what I already know, I don’t agree with it in general, however I feel like in instances of testing for drugs, and medical research – if used within the proper guidelines- it could save millions of peoples live, and I think with issues like this, it’s important to look at the other side of the argument because otherwise you can’t make an informed decision.

‘The issue of animal experiments is straightforward if we accept that animals have rights: if an experiment violates the rights of an animal, then it is morally wrong, because it is wrong to violate rights.

Although this article and quote is mainly about medical research, I think it applies to all aspects of testing. Why should be test on the animals outside of their rights, we wouldn’t even think of doing that to a human being, why do we have the right to do it to an animal. This is why I think testing for cosmetic purposes is wrong, many companies have been able to avoid using animal testing for their products and pride themselves on it, such as The Body Shop, who are constantly campaigning for Animal Testing to not be used in the beauty trade.

Medical research rely quite heavily on using animal testing, and is one of the phases of getting a drug or method out to the public, and being one of the first steps it’s key to knowing how a drug will react with a living organism as computer generated molecules wouldn’t show side effects or even if the drug will work effectively. Most of the diseases we have cures for have come from animal testing such as penicillin and insulin, which no doubt has saved millions of lives – so I don’t think animal testing is all bad, and the other side does have to be considered.

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