Animal testing research.

Although its illegal to test on animals for cosmetic purposes in the UK, many companies still test overseas.

Companies that still test on animals. 

More companies that test on animals. 

Companies that only test on animals when required by law, but still try and reduce and minimise the testing they do. (which I think is probably the most acceptable and ethical way in relation to other animal testing.)

People trying to petition to stop testing on animals. People are trying to get their voices heard. 

Companies are still willing to change their ways, after listening to the other side and finding alternative methods. Even to as recently as yesterday (24th Feb 2014).

It’s recently been found that testing on animals is no longer an accurate representation of how humans will react to the same products. So the method is outdated, by continue using it if its ineffective?

Countries are starting a trend and making testing on animals for cosmetic purposes illegal. Why can’t the rest of the world follow in the footsteps of the EU, China, India and Israel.

Artists and performers want to make the public aware of what happens behind closed doors to make sure they get their favourite products.

Celebrities are using their status to help the cause. 

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