Evaluating work.

Mondays group session

I think this is exactly what the group needed. Some of us didn’t really know what to do or where to begin, but going through the work the way that we did helped everyone bounce ideas off of each other and gave them good stead as to what to do for the next session. After watching a role-play of the tutors giving us an example of how to do it, the layout of the evaluation was made clearer, and was good to see how we could talk and evaluate our work as we looked through it. It also made me realized that I need to go back a step as I rushed into it, which may explain why I couldn’t really make sense of what I was doing. I need to go back and think about my initial thoughts to the cultural issue (animal cruelty) and then possibly my feeling towards it through some type, and then research more into animal testing, but always keeping in mind that the style is Russian constructivism.

As a group we also decided that our spectrum of animal cruelty was too broad. As we all had a particular branch of it, for example mine was animal testing, we couldn’t see how that would all fit together, so instead have decided a couple of main ones, that link together, so we can still portray the same message, but in a more concise way that should flow together rather than being disjointed.  Animal testing (mainly cosmetics) and animals used for fashion are the ones we have chosen as they link together, but with the overview of speciesism and humans taking advantage of different species.

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