Group evaluation.

Tuesdays session was all about talking through what everyone was unclear about, doing D.I.E.T. again and making sure everyone knew what they were doing or at least what they needed to do. My group went off and discussed this. I was concerned because our music isn’t finished yet and everyone has clashing ideas of what we want to produce, personally I think although the music is kind of a big thing, it’s mainly the design work that we need to be focusing on. It doesn’t need to be a piece of audio to rival Mozart. Anyway, we talked through what we were all having problems with or where people thought they should move onto. I think we are working pretty well as a team, we aren’t arguing and we are coming together to make decisions as a team.

My to-do list:

- Look at doing some typography based posters and banners.
- Typographic poster of the potential words that may be said in the music (thinking of doing some spoken word in the music.
- poster of alternate methods? But I think that will lean too much towards being infographics.
- To do some mood boards (because haven’t been feeling very inspired).
- Look at typography in the environment – try and incorporate into an environment similar to animal testing labs? Clinical?


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