My 5 point manifesto.

I’ve called my manifesto ‘Small steps.’ Sounds quite cliche, I know, but personally with my work I feel that making small steps, or small design decisions, is the best way to have a balanced and thorough process and a good way of making sure many avenues have been explored.

Design should be considered.
Design should be done for a reason, not to just look pretty on the page. It’s a way of spreading a message, a point of view. Even if it’s not one you believe in.

Mistakes should be cherished.
Mistakes will shape your design work. Working on something you thought to be a mistake may have unexpected results, so don’t dismiss anything as rubbish.

Criticisms should be taken on board.
It’s easy to accept criticisms, but it’s much harder to act on it. Absorb the information and do something about it or you’ll be stuck in a design rut.

Chill out.
Deadlines can make you panic and hit brick walls in every direction. But chill out, find somewhere that inspires you, or go and talk it out at the pub. It amazing how small the walls will look after a pint.

Even when things are looking grim, work through it even when you feel like you’re getting nowhere. You can do it. And if its not your best work, it’s not the end of the world. Learn from the experience and don’t dwell on the bad.

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