Some exhibition work I did earlier this year, based around the theme of Sheffield. I just wanted to do something quick, and actually this style was very different for me, as I don’t do much entirely computer generated work.

I wanted to create something that was based on the idea of famous people of Sheffield and quotes. Once they were printed I was really happy the way they turned out, the colours went together (even though they weren’t sold as a set) and the faces could be distinguished from the type and vice versa (depending where you were standing in relation to the poster). I was pretty happy to have sold 2! Much better than expected, the other 2 hang on my bedroom wall.

I think my favourites would have to be the Michael Palin, and Sean Bean posters, simply because I like the simplicity of the bright writing contrasting against the dark. I find it less brash than the others.

seanbeanheadtingSean Bean.


Michael Palin.alexturnergreenandgreyAn Alex Turner poster that never made it to print. Originally I was going to make a series of Alex Turner/Arctic Monkeys posters, but then decided that that was too obvious, and wanted to keep all the posters similar and typography based.

alexturnerposterorangeAlex Turner.

12Jarvis Cocker.


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