Recently I collaborated with The Association of Ukrainians who produce a newspaper every fortnight with the latest news on what’s going on in both the community of Ukrainians in the UK, and in Ukraine. For this I had to produce some infographics in a spread about the presidential elections that were taking place. The client knew that they wanted to show a general overview of the how the country voted overall. I suggested a spread of the whole country, using circles to build up the image and translate the information needed. I took inspiration from various different infographics I found in my research, and came up with this:

withoutmapI liked the simplicity of this, and that actually, the outline of the county wasn’t needed as the general shape was still obvious. I think the circles worked well. However, the client felt that when printed, it may not come out clearly, and the map would need some kind of outline and distinction from the page and the map. So I added the regions back in and a thin black outline that wouldn’t be too harsh but was subtle enough to separate the page and the map.

finishedwithoutlineThe graph shown underneath was also done for the same article. This is less my style, and done more to the specification of the client. He knew exactly what he wanted and what he wanted it to look like on the page so all I had to do was create what he wanted. It was once again, using results of the election, using the faces rather than a key to show which segment was which candidate. I think this gives a more streamline finish. I was happy with the end product as the client was, but in reality I do not think I would replicate a style like this, I just don’t think it looks right, but I can’t think how I could change it. I may have to have a play around some more.



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