“Hello, my name is Paul Smith.”

After getting my final mark back for the last module (which included my portfolio) I finished on a low first, ecstatic! But after kicking my heels for a couple of weeks I decided to get back into the creative spirit. For a while I have been wanting to go and see the Paul Smith exhibition at the Design Museum in London, and with all this time on my hands, it’s the perfect opportunity. Being from Nottingham as well, I almost felt some kind of loyalty going to this exhibition! I loved the mix of things, and seeing how his mind worked. I could really relate to using photography and images for inspiration as I have been getting more into my photography recently. It was interesting to see that actually if you want to do something, do it, if you have two interests that seemingly don’t mix, see what happens, the results might be beautiful. My favourite example if this, was a short video that was shown at the exhibition. Paul Smith, being a keen photographer himself had taken a stunning photograph whilst away in Cuba, had played with the colours so it was a rich red and black photo and that could be sown onto a jacket, that looked incredible!

Another section in the Design Museum is a section for designs of the year. This was a variety of different things, ranging from experimental cars to building layout, to 2D light switches (I don’t think I’ve been so speechless for such a long time). Recommend you go to see these exhibitions before they go!



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