Day 1: Briefing.

“Represent information or data in a creative visual form that expresses a narrative to an audience .”  Sounds easy right? But where the hell do you start? The beginning, right? That’s like saying where is the beginning of the sea. Always the daunting feeling when getting a brief, it’s easy to say dive in but sometimes you just don’t know which direction to dive. The obvious start would be to find something that I actually find interesting and won’t get sick of the sight of after 3 hours. Seems simple enough. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The lecture. A lot of reading through the brief in more detail – the deadline, the guidelines (or lack of – not that this is a bad thing). Something that was spoken about in detail was the first deadline that comes up – which is for the 5 slide proposal for our idea, the ideas we have, the research and influences that we’ve taken to get to that point.

I found it really interesting to do work. I’m one of those annoying people that likes to see example of previous years work to set my goals, know what is expected, and quantity of work. That’s less for quantity because I know quality over quality and all that but it’s good to see the amount of effort that needs to be put in.. I don’t think this is making any sense. Sorry..

Back to the point. Last years work. I thought was incredible by the way. Like seriously. The thought and detail that went into it was immense, things that I may not even have thought about that, I don’t know if that means I’m doing something wrong or it will just come naturally once I get into the project. My favourite was one student that had basically mapped out a ice hockey game. He tracked the puck, each player, had marked where each one was at each second of the game, and done it all by watching, recording, then gone back over the recording and traced over the paths. He then lasered them onto acrylic, put it in a stand with led lights (making sure that the etching of the laser was deep enough to make the led’s most effective). I was disappointed only because we had seen the polished and finished product, and end slides on it. It would have been good to see the mistakes the errors, the mind block, the turning points, the ideas that just didn’t go anywhere, the mad experiments, because without that you don’t really have a project because with all of those things, it can go in so many different directions.

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