Day 1 take 2.

We went over the brief in more detail after the module induction just to clarify what we have to do. Address an audience with a text-based message in a public environment. 

Initially I really like the sound of this brief. I completed a brief that was kind of similar on my foundation course that was to make some 3D type on the topic of an era using a quote, from that era. This however, has more free reign and the prospect of it excites me. One of the things was that we were told that we had to choose the message that we were going to put into the environment. To be honest, I’m pretty thankful for this, I am the person that frets over the tiniest details that don’t really matter, or at least in the scale of things, aren’t that important. Although I haven’t picked a final one I think I’ve narrowed down my choice to:

Pursuing pleasure for the sake of pleasure will ruin you.
Offer very little information about yourself.
Turn it upside down.
Honour thy error as a hidden intention.

Now I know 4 seems like a lot, but there were a lot of messages… I’ll narrow it down soon. But to me I think they all mean something. I also like the idea of playing around with what is classed as a public space. In my opinion public is where there are people – where you wouldn’t go to be alone, even if there aren’t many people there. Like I would even class my living room as public… but that’s me.

To make us think outside the box we did a few exercises. To begin with we were meant to write 100 words about “messages”, literally anything that popped into our head. Sounds easy right, mainly because you could write whatever you wanted about but in reality I struggled with it. Anyway we managed 47, and then  we had to draw out what we had written, so had to visually represent the message. This was also tricky, and some peoples drawings we hard to interpret.. but we got there in the end.

A snapshot of the results. Taken with a potato.

A snapshot of the results. Taken with a potato.

We were then split and each pair given a word from one of the 5 key points of the brief, and then basically repeated the exercise.


We soon realised that these either crossed over with each other in the kinds of ideas people came up with and some where stark opposites. Our word was stimulate so some of the words we came up with were; tickle, motivate, hormones, inspire, new, interesting, fuel, nourish, trigger, smell, the senses, dreams, emotions, adverts, opinions.


It was interesting to see what other people had done as well and how they had interpreted their word.

IMG_8474IMG_8478 IMG_8477 IMG_8476

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