Ideas and charting.

We started off in the seminar by trying to brainstorm some random ideas or things that we thought we could take forward and use as an actual idea. We also looked into drawing out some basic charts to get us in the mind set of visual representing the data and some fun and simple yet effective ways data can be displayed.


I wanted to keep my idea fun, and although it seems silly, I like the idea of doing something about hugging and what effect it has on people. If hugging is too specific, I could look at hormone changes when interacting with different people – or the situation or nature of the interaction. Feels too scientific.  If not hugging I may link the hormones to sleep, as someone who struggles with sleep, it’s not something I will ever get bored of researching.


Some simple charting methods we were playing around with. I was a fan of the venn diagrams, but in reality I think I just really like circles.


I love my job but it’s an impossible balance.


Come ooon we all do it. I was thinking about this an idea as well.. something like the surface area doodle compared to phone time or something.

These charts were drawn in a similar style to Jessica Hagy, using simple drawings and fun info to get the point across.

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