Although some of these aren’t about the topics I have been thinking about I like the styles of them.


And I’m back on the circles.. I think this works so effectively because it shows the emissions of countries relative to one another.  This was done by the Stanford Kay studios and I think it works really effectively. The bright colours also add to the infographics as they stand out so vividly from the black background. Using a key to show the different continents is also an quick effective method of distinguishing areas of the globe.

Sleep-Infographic infographics-02-570x679 infographics_00349992infographics_00343114   dott_infographic cocktails_infographic-640x927

This cocktail poster is done by PopChartLab. This is one a a series of different one but done in the same style. I love the circle in the middle that draws the eye into it and then closer to look at the lines, the categories and what it’s all about.


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