Narrowing down a theme.

So I think I’ve narrowed it down to one, as I write this just thinking about it makes the most sense but I may as well talk you through all my ideas.

Sleep, that thing no one can ever get enough of. I was just thinking about subjects within the general topic (starting with the obvious):
- How long do people sleep for/actually need to sleep for?
- How does it affect mood?
- How does it affect general health (i.e can it cause illness/weaken immune systems)?
- The stages of a sleep cycle.
- Does sleep cycle change with age?
- Right and wrong sleeping positions.
- How does lack of sleep affect concentration levels compared to someone who’s had a ‘good nights’ sleep?

Hugs. Yeah…
- How do hugs affect mood?
- How do they affect specifically serotonin levels?
- Differents kinds of hugs you get (does this change the amount of comfort received?)
- How do they affect general chemicals in the body?

Alcohol (typical student topic)
- Different drinks.
- How much are you supposed to drink (compared to how much students drink on average?)
- How too much alcohol affects the body.
- How does alcohol affect the brain?
- Alcohol made you do what?

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