After learning about semiotics last year (and having to write an essay – traumatic), going over it again just rang some bells and blew off the dust on the topic in my brain.

Semiotics is basically the use of signs and the interpretation of them. It questions what we already know to be objects and questions why things are named or known as what they are. It also questions what qualities in something correspond and make us think about. We went over signifiers and the signified again. Signifiers are the physical thing. But the signified is the idea or the meaning expressed by the signifier (so basically what it represents/makes you think of). Which luckily, kind of can’t be wrong because it’s something that is down to the person observing the object and how they interpret it (yay!). For example, an apple, the signifier is the apple, red, leaf, but the signified would be healthy, crunchy, tree.. basically things we think of when we see an apple.


The example above is what we did in the seminar. It was thinking more into semiotics and how it can help you form an opinion without really any knowledge. During the exercise we either had the above or the opposite and we wrote the signifiers, and the signified and then compared them once they were swapped and how it altered our perspective on it.

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