So I think after much thought I’m going to do something on sleep. As someone who suffers with insomnia the whole topic fascinates me. Things I thought I could look into:

- How long do people sleep for/actually need to sleep for?
- How does it affect mood?
- How does it affect general health (i.e can it cause illness/weaken immune systems)?
- The stages of a sleep cycle.
- Does sleep cycle change with age?
- Right and wrong sleeping positions.
- How does lack of sleep affect concentration levels compared to someone who’s had a ‘good nights’ sleep?

Sleep is something that is researched often and thoroughly (probably because it’s so important and everybody does it..) so there’ll be plenty of secondary research and I’ll go to the library next week to find some information. I think it’ll be quite easy to collect some of my own primary data too, if people are willing to share. I think it’ll be good to have the primary research because then both the secondary and primary research can support each other.

My main for this project will probably be David McCandless and Brendan Dawes.

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