Type and Kerning.

The session started in a really interesting way. I appreciate type and in the back of my mind I probably realised that I couldn’t get by without it. Simply from a simple quick exercise to jot down how we had simply used type that day. Your computer, my alarm, simple things that obviously use type to communicate but you just don’t think about it. Thinking about it in new ways was really interesting.

After doing kerning last year or a couple of years ago I was already familiar with the concept. And I don’t to boast but after playing the kerning game (try it, it’s surprisingly addictive) I got 96%. What happened to the 4% right? Was just a warm up… Anyway, I forgot how important kerning was, it makes the difference between a professional finish and an ameture and hard to read title.

To finish the session we learnt the importance of hierarchy and how the eye moves round the page depending on what is strongest on the page. It all depends on these 6 things.

1. Size
2. Colour
3. Type weight
4. Space
5. Alignment
6. Orientation

We tried a simple poster using only type on the page, just varying the size, weight, alignment and spacing to make an interesting poster that uses hierarchy to it’s max.

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