Stefanie Posavec.

So the other day Stefanie Posavec came in to talk to us about her work. If I am honest I had never really heard of her before, probably through my ignorance more than anything. Anyway, I found the talk really interesting. I love hearing designers talk through the work, because sometimes when you see the end results it’s hard to picture any kind of thought process behind it and then you panic because you think, oh my god, am I supposed to just come up with these awesome ideas from nothing.

She spoke about how she moved from being from a publishing background and came to doing what is really known as infographics. But she spoke about it in terms of being ‘Data Illustration’. I prefer this name – it’s much more accurate in terms of what infographics are. It’s not just a graphics, it’s an illustration often beautifully representing data, it’s the communication of a message.


11x Series was a series of prints she completed all about the number 11 and the repetition of when its multiplied by itself and different numbers. Each different coloured shape represents a different number. She said she wanted to create this series to highlight the beauty in repetition and show patterns that people may not have noticed or have even thought about before. Posavec_01I think this is a stunning piece, and although I literally have no idea what’s going on I kind of don’t care because I feel like I could just put this on my wall and stare at it all day. Stefanie did this by actually collecting all her own data on a favourite book of hers. She did the word count, genres, number of sentences, things we take for granted and could probably find online, but because she couldn’t find it on the internet but she wanted to do it, she just went out there and did it herself.

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