I worked out the weights of some data about animals and how long they sleep for per day. I thought that I could scale the circles, relative to the weight of the animal and compare it to how long they sleep for a day to see if there’s any correlation. I put the table into excel and played around with some of the charts that can be generated on there, but they’re all very uninspiring. So, as I’ve been looking into circles and how they can be used I just knocked out a couple of drafts of charts or how it possibly could be represented.

Species Average Total Sleep Time (hours/day) weight(g)
brown bat 19.9 9
python 18 38000
owl monkey 17 1251
tiger 15.8 185973
squirrel 14.9 750
golden hamster 14.3 113
lion 13.5 399000
gerbil 13.1 70
rat 12.6 650
cat 12.1 3300
mouse 12.1 17
jaguar 10.8 99790
duck 10.8 1224
bottle-nosed dolphin 10.4 175000
baboon 10.3 14000
chimpanzee 9.7 50000
guinea pig 9.4 1200
pig 7.8 70000
goat 5.3 23500

In reality I wanted to think less about the data because I thought it was too many numbers so first I wanted to think how I could visually represent data in an interesting way to compare two things against each other. Once again I wanted to use a spherical pattern again like in Brendan Dawes and David McCandless’s work. Although I didn’t use actual data, my thought process was the sleeping pattern throughout the day of two different people, like comparing the sleeping pattern of someone with a normal sleeping pattern to someone with insomnia or some other sleeping disorder. I started by just sketching something out in my notebook as a draft, and then scanned it into Illustrator. I cut out the unnecessary bits and then turned the lines into vectors, turned it into an outline then added colour. IMG_8589I wanted to use bold colours that stood out against each other, and I quite like the idea of just using the blank space in the middle as that’s where the eye travels to first when you look at it. It also looks kind of empty, but as I know how it feels after a long period of no sleep, sometimes it can make you feel quite empty and obscure. I quite like the general result of this. Obviously it needs a lot more polishing but I think this makes me want to make a set of screen prints to show different stats.


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