Banksy is pretty well known for putting out his message into the environment and I’ve always loved his work.

The image above is my favourite work of his. As much as we don’t like to admit as a society, or even just a generation we all crave the attention of the internet, some more than others but we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. I think this image sums it up brilliantly, as if people don’t get likes, they often just delete the image, how ridiculous is that, why do we value the opinion of others we don’t know, often have never met or spoken to rather than the people we live with, see everyday and have known for years. Why does it now all depend on how many likes everyone gets on a picture and why is that now another way of defining beauty.

This dove is irony summed up in a a few ways. Dove is the symbol for peace and for unity. By putting it in a bulletproof vest with a target aimed at its heart, the image contradicts itself. It mocks the idea of peace and I feel it could be questioning the very idea of peace, is there even such a thing? Especially now, with a few countries in battle and others having to interfere.


This image plays to the idea of breaking the rules. I mean, obviously the graffiti side of it is technically breaking the rules anyway but using the no ball games sign, to play a game that you would normally play with a ball mocks the whole rule.


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