Possible progress.

Originally I wanted to look at sleep related to concentration levels, but after looking into it I think looking at depression related to sleep or how lack of sleep makes you act.

So I brainstormed some ideas about the words and drew down some sketches of random things that I had thought of:

  • movement
  • thought bubbles
  • tired
  • sheep
  • clouds
  • bed
  • phone
  • pillows
  • home
  • duvet
  • exhausted
  • warmth
  • comfort
  • lazy
  • sloth
  • weekends
  • relax
  • Zzzzzz


  • Not yourself
  • sad
  • alone
  • distant
  • black
  • detached
  • unsociable
  • desperate
  • cry
  • tears
  • heavy
  • lonely


Some really quick sketches that I was thinking. They are based on the shape of chemicals. one of the rings could be the sleeping pattern over the course of 24 hours. it could have branches coming off, with levels of happiness, tiredness, concentration levels, or I was thinking they could overlap. The above would to just monitor the sleeping pattern on a series of people and and see how it varies from night to night.


We brain stormed some ideas in a session the other day, it was basically focused on the programming side of things. It was interesting to see what other people had done with programming and how it could work relatively simply, but I don’t feel I have enough knowledge on programming to do anything like that. But I still came up with some ideas as to how it could be used in relation to my project/theme:

  • monitoring heart rate during sleep – see how it varies from sleep to awake
  • monitor heart rate throughout the day to see if lack of sleep alters heart rate during the day
  • monitor sleep positions
  • monitor movement during sleep – see how much someone moves during sleep

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