Ideas for messages.

Here are just a snapshot of some of the ideas that I’ve had relating to a couple of the quotes. Since doing them though I’ve decided to narrow my focus and only do the quote “pursuing pleasure for the sake of pleasure will ruin you.”


This idea played on the fun side of being ruined for pleasure – ie. the water gun ruins what you’re wearing but you keep going for the pleasure of the fun you get from having a water fight.


I started to think about relationships, and actually now I think they hold little to no meaning, and all those secrets that you share are known by someone else, almost at their disposal because you’ve now told them and they may know something that you thought you could trust them with but once that bond is broken, it’s almost like they don’t hold any loyalty to you. I think because it’s on something that is so known to be related something to be everlasting I think it holds the message that you shouldn’t trust anyone because do ever really know someone?


I don’t think this message works that well because the message is too obvious and it doesn’t require any thought by the audience as to what it is meant to be saying and the message is very muched closed communication. Because of this I don’t think it works well as it wouldn’t keep anyones interest and may just blend in with the background of noise.


I think this ideas alright, but not great by any stretch of the imagination. One logistical problem is that I’m not sure that a homeless person would be too keen to hold up such a sign but it could make an impact. I think it would make the audience question what got him into that situation, and if it was anything to do with something that may have been his own doing.

IMG_8673I was thinking about exercise and how exercise can ruin you physically through injury or when people almost get t into so body building, and begin t take performance enhancing drugs. Works alright but its hard to imagine it in context, as I think a sign outside a gym is quite mellow, and lame. Maybe outside some kind of body building competition – although I don’t know many of those.  IMG_8684

Once again thinking about relationships, but I don’t think it works that well as its obvious, the message is got quickly and it doesn’t make as bigger impact as i would have liked it to have.


I quite like this. We actually discussed it in session and people had some good ideas. Obviously it’s quite a large person, and although obesity is a hot topic, it was more body image I was going for, so in reality I think this could be put on anyone, as i think everyone has or does suffer with food/weight/exercise/self esteem issues. However once again it would bring in the awkward situation of would anyone really voluntarily wear this if you asked them to.


I like the way this works however I think like most “warning” signs it’ll be ignored, like the warnings on smoking packets, instead of making people think they’ve just learned to block it out, if you really want to do it you don’t care what other people say.


This too relates to the one above with the same kind of idea.


I’m not going to lie, this is by far my favourite idea but it was also my first, which kind of makes me feel bad and I feel like I should have had a better one since, but that’s not a bad thing right?

Anyway, this idea plays on many levels. Initially my thoughts were that I didn’t want an obviously public place, because I liked the idea of playing around as what we classed as public, and seen as I do let people into my room (even though I do class it as my own space) I would class that as being public as other people bar me see it. The idea of the bed plays on the idea of sloth and laziness, and sex. One very intimate and a very taboo subject that is linked to porn, sex addiction, and the concern that a generation doesn’t care of the consequences of sleeping around. The sloth is that laziness just gets worse and once you’re in that circle of staying in bed all day it will affect you in everything, you’ll never learn from life and it will ruin you.


This is another of my favourite ideas. The idea of the money ruins you in 2 ways, the first, the desire to earn can drive you mad. Peoples dream of being rich, and that money will bring them happiness often drives them to do odd things that just aren’t feasible. I think a perfect example of this is the film that recently came out, The Wolf Of Wall Street which shows someones hunger for money drive him mad and basically leave him with nothing.

Another way of looking at it, is that spending money will ruin you, getting into debt and basically spending the money you don’t have. Placing bets at casinos and things to try and get out of it and making it worse but the rush of pleasure when buying something is just too much and could ruin you if you love that high.


I quite like this message as it is still open circle communication as you question the meaning. However I’m not sure if it’s too open considering you wouldn’t really know the reasoning. I’m not sure there’s a logistical way of doing it and I’m uncomfortable with putting it in a cemetery so I don’t think I would pursue this idea.


In light of the recent leaking of internet nudes I think this was pretty appropriate and although it annoys me when people say “well if you didn’t want anyone to see them then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place”, I think it is right, although this idea could work if it was done professionally and looked like an advert on a board somewhere, but i think it’s too closed circle.

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