Micah Purnell.

I think one of the only ways to describe Micah is someone who does whatever he want, which from a graphics/art perspective is so lucky. Today he came in to show us some of the things he’s put out into the environment. I like the fact that a lot his work wasn’t signed, so it wasn’t judged by who did it, and it shows he was doing it for the message rather than the fame. Generally I really liked his stuff and it was a new perspective on putting messages into the environment and new medias people may not have thought about.


I really liked this piece, probably because (as much as I hate to admit) it took me soooo long to ‘get it’. Although it looks like a simple design it’s a hand swearing at you basically. I think it works in quite a powerful way combining the quote, and the simplicity of the hand, but only using rectangles actually makes you stop, look and think about it (or apparently walk away and come back to it in my case).



In a day and age where everyone is constantly on their phone, texting, talking, facebooking, tweeting, and 100 things more, I love this. Yes, I cannot deny that I am one of those people that is glued to their phones, but in social situations I always make a conscious effort to not text when I’m talking to people, and a lot of people I know do this no end. It even happened to me today when I was talking to someone so I just had to walk away. So in this day and age I think this is so relevant and will be for a while because as technology develops people will just become tech dependent rather than just talking to people like they used to, and this poster points the finger back at you, makes you question what you’re doing and if you do it to other people.


Initially I must admit I giggled at this. Porn and nudity is still a taboo subject in society even though everyone knows about no one ever dares talk about it. Like a secret that everyone knows about, and everyone knows that everyone else knows.. Anyway this was done as a series he showed us. The way that its placed on top of images that are already known to us through ads, magazines, and posters and the professional photography doesn’t make you question it until you read it. And then you realise. This plays on the trust we have on advertising and it also questions the morals of advertising. If you walked past an ad like this with a small child, is that really appropriate? Is there really any need for such provocative images to be displayed in a department store for perfume? How does a naked man even relate to perfume?

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