Narrowing it down.

After a feedback session today I feel pretty confident that I’ve narrowed my idea down to two.

The first is my bed idea.


I’m either going to screen print the sheets or possibly sown on the writing but I think the effect of the screen printing will be more effective and the way the paint will wear slightly over time will work well with the idea of being ‘ruined’.

Some more points that came back about it was the placing. Although the obvious placing is a bed in my room, I was thinking about it placing it in different public situations, like the centre of town, where homeless people may get in, or just curious passers by, or the outdoor auditorium behind the station and if it’s placed in the middle it will look like some kind of prop for a play, and if people will interact people could watch what others are doing with it. In theory I want to move it to a few places around the city to see what happens in different locations but I want to leave it somewhere properly overnight to see how it changes from day to night.

I want to also try and put it in a shop on a bed, somewhere like dunelm, where they have display beds, and see how people may react differently in such a contrasting environment, surrounded by very similar items.

My second idea:


This idea revolves around the concept of money and how money can ruin you or make you. My idea was to print off money (without breaking the law) and possibly screen print on the quote. However, I’m not sure about the logistics as it has to be realistic enough for people to believe it’s some form of currency but it has to look fake enough not to be classed as fraud. I could in theory print on real money, or maybe just one note and place it somewhere but as a student, I’m quite stingy and not sure how I could part with cash, but this will solve the problem, and it would be interesting to see what happened, and if it could ever be tracked down.

Alternatively if I printed my own money, my idea was to do multiple, and just set it free in the wind, because when people see money on the floor they are inclined to pick it up and actually they’ll find a message rather than money (I imagine this will be pretty disappointing for them). Or the notes could be strategically placed in places where people are very likely to find them, or perhaps in less explored areas, but that are areas renowned for drug abuse.



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