Condé Nast.

So today Condé Nast came in to do a session with us. The session wasn’t really what I was expecting, I think I was expecting them to talk about their work and what they do more and maybe teach us some tricks of the trade. But I think everyone felt a little unprepared when they spoke briefly about themselves and their history and how they got to working at Condé Nast. After that though, we were set to get on with our DPS. I have nothing for this.

So instead of making a DPS I made a start on my presentation for the presentation on Monday for Tools and Systems. I started to break down what I thought I needed in it anyway, like key points. I don’t want to overload the presentation with text and I want to keep a good balance of text and images but also leave enough for me to talk about when it ones to the actual presentation, as I don’t want to just be repeating myself.

Probably should have asked more questions.

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