Foreseeing Problems.

As part of the writing session the other day we had to write for a solid 10 minutes about things we thought worked well with the project and struggles that we might face or have come across today. As I was writing and not really thinking I surprised myself with the amount of problems I came up with. Probably not the best…

  • People stealing the bedding 

    So my thinking is that I’ll be there to watch it and hopefully can stop teenagers stealing it and thinking it’s funny. On the other hand, I think this could be taken as another interpretation and will almost prove the point. Playing up to our friends and taking a duvet, leads to more foolish behaviour and acting like someone you’re not.

  • People not interacting with the bed/bedding

Hopefully a bed (or something close) in the middle of town or anywhere where you wouldn’t see a bed would hopefully attract some attention, and once one person has looked then everyone will be coming to see what the commotion is about.

  • What if the whole message doesn’t get read or revealed by people

I may have to show people if no one gets it for a lot of the day. I’m not sure I will be able to avoid this. People either get it or they don’t.

I also thought about reversing the bed cover for part of the day but actually I don’t this will work that well, because if someone does venture into the bed, the quote will be backwards and it wouldn’t make sense.

Something else I hadn’t even considered (I don’t really know why…) is font and colour. My initial thoughts were a plain white cover and red font. I have no idea why I thought this and after thinking about it, it would look dangerously close to looking like football covers, I think I just like the combination. But after thinking more about it I want the bed cover to be a colour, and on the theme of pleasure, I was thinking of a rich colour, luxurious, almost regal, so navy, deep reds, purples. The font will just be white (or maybe silver if its available) as I want to keep the message clear and simple and the font and colour should reflect this.

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