Writing Session.

Had a writing session to help with our essay writing skills. As someone who hates writing essays (well who doesn’t lets be honest) but struggles a lot as well (why is that word count always so far away…) I thought this session was really helpful. Jo turned essay writing into something that didn’t seem so daunting, and dare I say, fun?

We started off by her giving us some very random words that we questioned how legitimate they were. Apparently they were real. It was a fun warm up exercise though to get used to words, sounds, and how the sounds and spellings of the words alter your perception of the words. (If you want to play the same game the words were cachintor, natiform, gallmaufry -GO)

We then basically swapped our main ideas for our public message with someone who had never heard of it before, and then we got some feedback about it, from completely new eyes. The reaction was really interesting because whoever had my idea seemed to take great offence from it, which actually I love, because I wanted my idea to provoke people. We then basically repeated the exercise with someone different, and it was really interesting to see that someone had a different interpretation of it. I’m really glad this has worked out because I thought it had different meanings and your mates just agree with you because it’s what you want to hear, but to hear it from two unbiased people and their two interpretations was really reassuring.

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