Yet more problems.

So my day started pretty well. I bought the dye and bed covers I needed for the main part of my project and I’ve also bought a double inflatable mattress to put the cover on which solves the problem of not having a bed or the logistics of moving it around.

IMG_8774(the dye and salt needed for the dye to stick)

From here, it went downhill, very very rapidly. So initially my plan was to screen print the quote onto the duvet cover and pillow cases. But after a long detailed discussion with Bev and Mike it turns out, that basically I can’t do it. Due to the size of the duvet cover and my inexperience in screenprinting, it didn’t sound possible, and Mike basically said he would have had to have done it for me. That, and the fact that their biggest screens weren’t suitable for fabric screen printing. Absolute nightmare. Back to square 1.

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