Jenny Holzer.

Jenny Holzer is known to put her messages out into public in unusual ways. She uses pre made methods which some people may seem wrong as calling it art because people argue that she didn’t make it. But the way that she uses the text, the places that she put them and the way the font works with the piece. By placing her text in the space of a billboard it mimics what should be there, something like an advertisement – possibly mocking the message of that to.

BradElterman_JennyHolzer_0020144 brad_1500_0_resize_90I really like this piece. By having it on such a large scale I think it adds to the piece as it emphasise and reflects the size of the fear. By doing it in the dark it’s almost trying to hide it, burying the fear in the dark, but the bright yellow text just highlights it, it’s very in your face – like you can’t avoid it if you tried.

The use of capitals and lack of punctuation also makes it seem really final. You can’t escape your past fears – it’s just something that you’re going to have to accept and deal with.


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