Tracey Emin.

Although Tracey Emin doesn’t (arguably) put actual messages into the environment, she creates art. And in reality, what is art, if not just a message that the artist is trying to translate in a different form that we are accustomed to.

I picked to look into Tracey Emin more because she is known for her work around beds, and obviously my whole project revolves around the idea of a bed.

Arguably one of her most well known pieces, it always fascinates me. The bed is seen as an everyday thing, yet it’s so personal to us. Once that door is closed people don’t know what you do. Emin caused such controversy by leaving the bed in the state that it was after she had stayed in it for 7 days, including things that she had used along the way littered along side. I love the way that this is really an insight into her life, but probably so many other people. Lets be honest, who can ever be bothered to make the bed, you’ll only mess it up again. It was said that she hadn’t made it because she was suffering from depression caused by a relationship. I think that in itself says a lot. Something that could be so separate and yet so entwined in how you use your own personal space – something the other person may or may not enter has clearly affected the way she has used the space.

Although I won’t be actually using my bed in public, I do hope people get in it and are intrigued by it.

Due to my ignorance I never realised that Emin had done a series of neon signs.


It’s a series of neon signs, bearing different signs, but all done in neon, which in my opinion can change the meaning of the quote simply by the media used. The neon in this case actually reminds me of the reflection of the moon on the sea, calming and innocent. The scribbly type adds to the personal feel about it. It feels like the quote has just been pulled straight from a love letter. However, another sign she did on the topic of love and lit up in a bright red, (although a very innocent quote) reminded me of something a bit sleazy, the neon lights and the context of love remind me of some dodgy backstreet shop or brothel. It’s interesting to see how something so simple as colour can easily change the connotation or intent.


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