Where to put it?

So I think I have finally decided where to put this troublesome bed. The main spot I want to put it in is the amphitheatre next to Park Hill. There’s a few reasons for this. Although a seemingly innocent place, it actually has a few different meanings for different people, or people that know the area well and I think those meanings fit pretty well with the different connotations I’m trying to put across.

1. Sex and relationships.
Obviously being a bed, sex feels like an obvious one, but how does it connect to the surroundings? A lot of couple sit there. Even in the time that I was sat photographing I saw a few couples, lounging, using the area almost like their personal space. It’s also been known if you’re there late at night you might see some things you don’t really want to..

2. Drugs and substance abuse.
This place is also known as a hang out spot by various types of people, to drink, smoke, do drugs. These things are known to be bad, and ruin you from the inside out.

3. Sloth.
It’s a bed. In a public space. That lots of students will pass. Hopefully pretend napping will ensue (demonstrating laziness can be your downfall – or that you just won’t get anything done!).

4. Something I hadn’t thought of. Drama.
To be honest this last connection came to me after I was thinking of places – but I’m not sure how I hadn’t thought of it before considering for most of us, it’s part of everyday life. Play acting. The main use of the amphitheatre is to put on plays, performances, by actors, pretending, acting out, being something they are not in reality. I feel that people nowadays pretend to be something they are not, trying to fit in, to please other, or even to please themselves. This is turns ruins you, because you are never yourself and you can’t act your entire life.

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