Overall I think this project went ok. I came up with the idea quite early which actually worked in my favour because it meant I could spend time working out how to make or how I would create my bed. As shown through my dramatic blog posts, nothing went right, and I had to overcome quite a few hurdles to get it finished but with the same message.

Main problems overcome:
- Not being able to use an actual bed.
- Not being able to find the correct colour duvet cover.
- Not being able to screen print the duvet cover or pillowcases.
- The inflatable mattress not turning up.
- not being able to find a pump to inflate the bed once it finally came.

It feels like there was a lot more but in the end I still think the desired effect was achieved. The air bed still portrayed the concept of a bed so that still worked well.

The spray paint on the bed cover also worked better than I thought it was going to. Although on the pillowcases, because the type had to be smaller to fit on, it was slightly less clear than it was anywhere else, and the paint soaked through onto the other side but you can’t tell and it didn’t affect the final result.

When taking the pictures, my initial idea was to use a very long exposure to see how people interacted with the bed. However in practice this did not work well at all really. It was too bright so when the exposure was long the pictures came out too bright and nothing could be seen. When the exposure was at the right length to work with the light, the bed moved because its just an inflatable mattress, and because both the people and mattress were moving, it meant the whole picture just looked like it was blurry. Due to this, I just used the regular settings on my camera to get a clear picture. I ended up moving closer to the bed halfway through the day (because I was trying to be inconspicuous) but I think the pictures turned out better this way.

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