There were varied reactions to the piece. I don’t necessarily think it’s a failure because of this, I don’t think you can predict something so varied as the publics reaction, but I am rather disappointed. I placed it in the amphitheatre for about 6 hours and sat and waited for peoples reactions, as I felt this would really give me an insight as to whether it had worked and it would be clear very quickly. Although it’s not the busiest spot ever, quite a lot of foot traffic does still pass through, due to the student village being not too far away, and the train station right beside it.

However, only a handful of people chose to interact with it. The ones that did the reaction were very good, but this didn’t entice people in. A lot of people did stop, stare, take in that something wasn’t how it normally is and carried on their normal day. A lot of students barely noticed it was there, most likely to be engrossed in social media and they were glued to their phone walking down the stairs. I am pleased that people did stop to look and take it in, read it and clearly ponder it – I am just disappointed they weren’t more curious!

The ones that did get in loved it. They didn’t take the quote very seriously, which is fine, maybe it was just the novelty of the bed being outside that interested them more than anything. However one man that got in did ask what it was all about. Maybe it was unclear that you were able to interact with it and I should have made a sign or something to clarify it for people. He asked what the whole quote was, why it was there and if he could interact with it. I’m glad he asked, because he had been sat near us for a while, and he had clearly been thinking about the meaning for himself and wondered if he thought the same as others.

I think it did provoke some reactions. People were intrigued by what was going on still and the people that did get in were pretty excited and it was like they were heing quite childish, which was fun to watch.

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