Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind – Dissecting the brief.

The Brief
Design a way for the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (SRSB) to communicate and celebrate its rich history to a range of stakeholders.

This is pretty open as far as briefs go, and although that’s almost a dream when it comes to briefs, it’s so daunting as you don’t know where to begin. Sometimes it’s easier just to get stuck into the research and see where it takes you. As far as the history is concerned, I think this could be taken in many ways. Picking a tale from the history of possibly even an existing longstanding volunteer or client there, and telling their story as to how they got involved with the charity and their role in it now.

I’m not sure if trying to show the whole history would be too much information but that would depend on what we produce at the end of it, for example a book would hold a lot more information than something like a large poster holding information.

Book design, editorial design, tablet design, illustration, archives, animation, motion, exhibition design, digital storytelling.

I was discussing these things with Chris the other day and I think we both agreed it would be good to play it a bit safe, we wanted to be a bit different and due to the unusualness of the client, we would have to reach out our skill set, both to cater for the different kinds of people that this would have to reach and the fact that this is our first real live brief (scary). We were thinking about doing something like a book/editorial. The layout aspect of these things really interests me and I’ve never really done much stuff like that. Maybe also producing an e-book to go with that to keep in touch with younger audiences, which could spread the word wider.

Target Audience
The design / communications that result from this brief should (directly or indirectly) be able to raise awareness about SRSB to at least one or more of the following audiences: current corporate /sponsors / new corporate sponsors / funding bodies / volunteers / clients (users) / interested members of the Sheffield community.

I think we should concentrate on a couple of these, whilst keeping some others in mind. Otherwise this would get too much, and the designs could become hindered and maybe not as good as they could be if we changed it to please multiple groups of people. I’m really interested at aiming it at least at their clients or even future clients. This is because we could incorporate braille or different textures as more of a sensory experience for them, but I’d have to do more research into this.


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